Aquamarine Mini Rough pieces - Stone of Courage and Protection, Calms Phobias & Fears

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🔵 Dive into the soothing embrace of Aquamarine, the Stone of Courage and Protection. 💙 This crystal is a sanctuary for beginners and seasoned collectors alike, enhancing auras and aligning chakras with its gentle touch. 🌟

🌊 Known for clearing communication pathways and fostering spiritual connections, Aquamarine encourages active engagement in life’s journey, nurturing sensitivity and tolerance. 🙏 It’s a stone that not only calms but also empowers, inviting you to embrace life fully. 🌈

📏 Each small tumbled stone, about 1/4" long, is a unique piece of Earth’s art, varying in color, size, and texture. 🌿 With your purchase, you’ll receive one of these precious stones, a drawstring pouch, and a crystal description card, all infused with Aquamarine’s tranquil energy. 💼

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