Angel Totem / Spirit Stone Engraved on Assorted Gemstones

Engraving: Angel - word
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🌟 These etched and gold-painted Angel totem stones are available in a variety of crystals. Totem or Spirit Stones combine the inherent power of symbols with the healing properties of gemstones. When you hold one, it guides, protects, and teaches you. Let’s explore the Angel Totem Spirit and its significance:

  1. Divine Awareness: These stones embody communication between heaven and earth, connecting us to higher realms and angelic energies.
  2. Faith and Compassion: The Angel Totem Spirit represents faith, love, and compassion. It carries messages to guide us on our spiritual journey.
  3. Courage and Protection: These stones offer courage and protection, illuminating our path and renewing our spirit.

✨ Each unique totem stone has been retuned with vibrational sound, smudged with white sage, and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid. Whether you hold them during meditation, carry them in your pocket, or gift them to a friend, their soothing energy will uplift and inspire. 🕊️💖

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