Agate Angel Wings with Carved Heart FB2269

Size: J Drusy Agate
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These are beautiful and smoothly polished carved hearts flanked with angel wings on either side. They are quite lovely and make a wonderful and unique gift.

The heart shape evokes feelings of love, safety, joy, emotions, connection, bonding & nurturing.  These are particularly wonderful to use in healing grids, grids for relationships, joy & happiness.  Holding the heart in your hand can be used help to soothe & ease overwrought nerves.

I love the symbology associated with wings or angel wings, especially when they incorporate crystals in their design.  Wings can evoke feelings of guardianship, heaven, the divine, messages from the spiritual realm, creation, peace and freedom. 

For many, imagery that includes wings can bring an immediate sense of calm, safety, hope and faith.

These are over 3" wide and each has lovely color and patterns.

These carvings each come with a description card and have been bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid and re-tuned with vibrational sound.

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