Amethyst Natural Rough from Brazil FB1503

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Amethyst Brilliance: These versatile pieces serve as a foundation in crystal workings, elevating grids and crystals placed upon them. 🌟✨

Metaphysical Properties: Amethyst, a Third Eye and Chakra activator, calms the mind, enhances meditation, and protects against psychic attack. It promotes tranquility, soothes irritability, and balances mood swings. This Stone of Contentment alleviates sadness, grief, and negativity. It also activates spiritual awareness, intuition, and psychic abilities. 🙌🔮

#crystalmagic #crystaldragonfly

  • Small - 15 available, .85 each
  • Medium - 23 available, $1.45 each
  • Large - 5 available, $2.25 each
  • Extra Large - 2 available, $3.25 each

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