Amethyst & Natural Citrine Large Double Terminated Wand, Sun with Angel Wings FB2082

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This double terminated wand has been created using two large terminated points using natural citrine and amethyst from Brazil.

The amethyst carving features tree agate and aventurine cabochons with two small crystals set below them.  The center of the piece has a lovely ornate banding featuring two butterflies, leaves, and a large medallion of a sun with angel wings on either side.  There is also a second smaller sun placed on the opposite side of the wand.

This large piece measures a bit over 7 1/2" long and weighs over 1/2 lb.  It has been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.
PLEASE NOTE: To prevent the tips from being damaged during shipping a special glass glue has been applied.

Please do not try to chip or pull off the glue as this may damage the tip. It is recommended that you carefully apply a heat source, such as a lighter, to soften the glue before removing.

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