Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz Heart with Embossed Wood Box, Powerful Healing - Stress Relief FB2647

Material: Amethyst
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These 45 to 50mm hearts come nestled in a special keepsake box with an elegantly embossed lid, making it the perfect gift of love and energy 💜

The heart shape, universally recognized as a symbol of love, safety, joy, connection, and nurturing, makes these Amethyst hearts ideal for use in healing grids, enhancing relationships, and fostering joy and happiness. 💕🌟

Amethyst is celebrated not only for its stunning beauty but also for its ability to enhance psychic abilities, including telepathy, and to facilitate communication with angelic realms. It's a crystal known for promoting happiness, providing stability, inner strength, sobriety, and peace, along with the courage to embrace life's challenges with a calm heart 🕊️💪.

Embrace the serene energy and transformative power of these boxed hearts, whether as a gift to a loved one or an addition to your own collection. Let it be a source of calm, stability, and joy in your spiritual journey 🙏💖

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Each piece has been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid. 

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