Tumbled Amazonite (Russian) - Soothing, attracts Luck & Money FB1078

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Amazonite is used in crystal grids and carried in crystal medicine bags for many reasons including stress relief, better communication, and for luck.  

Amazonite helps with logic and heals emotional trauma.  Extremely soothing, and calms the mind and provides harmony and balance.  This is a stone for prosperity, which is also excellent for the Heart and Throat chakras.  Also credited with opening the Third Eye and enhancing intuition.   Amazonite is said to attract money and luck and has been long placed over doorways of new businesses to help ensure success.  

This is a strong stone for communication and helps you speak the truth and communicate truth more clearly.  It is also said to be especially good for using when saying affirmations as it may bring extra manifestation energy to your affirmations.  Amazonite is considered to be a stress reliever, while at the same time giving the user a feeling of being energized.

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