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🍃✨ Amazonite hand pebbles, meticulously hand-carved and polished by skilled artisans in Madagascar, offer tranquility and balance. Their beautiful, serene green hue evokes a sense of calm and well-being. These compact gems serve as more than mere adornments—they’re symbols of luck and material abundance, perfect for carrying with you. Additionally, they make vibrant additions to your altar or sacred space.

🌿🧘‍♀️ Amazonite, renowned for its soothing properties, calms the mind and promotes harmony and balance. It’s an ideal companion for various crystal grids and manifesting meditations. Notably, it excels in healing emotional traumas, fostering prosperity, and aligning the Heart and Throat Chakras. 💚💬

🌙🔮 Furthermore, this stone enhances intuition by opening the Third Eye. It’s believed to attract financial prosperity and has a tradition of being placed over business doorways to ensure success. Whether you hold it during meditation or simply need to unwind, this carving is the perfect size. 🙏

Your Amazonite hand pebble will arrive with an elegant organza drawstring pouch and an informative card—a thoughtful gift for yourself or a cherished friend. 🌟

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