Black Tourmaline Point with polished top and natural sides, protection, stability FB1610

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🌟 Behold the elegance of standing points, where polished grace meets the untouched beauty of nature. 🌱 These majestic pieces, with their gleaming tops and raw sides, are a testament to the harmonious balance of refinement and authenticity.

🔮 Tourmaline infuses these stones with the power to enhance flexibility, joy, and serenity in one’s life. 🌈 It is a beacon of compassion and understanding, often used as a protective stone in crystal grids and personal amulets. 🛡️ Its ability to foster tolerance and channel positive energies makes it a cherished stone among those seeking spiritual grounding and protection.

🌙 Each piece has been lovingly re-tuned with the pure frequencies of vibrational sound and has basked in the gentle moonlight beneath a copper pyramid, emerging as a vessel of potent metaphysical properties.

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