June Lunar Events

Can you believe we are almost halfway through 2021 already? Check in with your goals, aspirations and focuses for this year.

On Wednesday, June 10 there will be a New Moon “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse in Gemini, an extra energetic New Moon. It is important to note that situations coming forward during this time period will have a longer impact due to the eclipse.

Look at this eclipse as a reminder for realignment in your higher purpose and calling. Gemini rules communication and learning which is heavily affected with Mercury still in retrograde.

Do not fear what arises during this time, pay attention to where your awareness goes and work through any confusion or mixed signals with trust in this moon cycle.

Monday, June 21 is the beginning of the summer season and Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere; also, it is the beginning of emotional Cancer Season. 

Thursday, June 24 welcomes the last Super Moon of this year, the dazzling Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn. This falling in responsible and rational Capricorn will bring energy and motivation to cross things off your to-do list. Use this time to close out the month strong and take action on the intentions and goals set earlier this month and year.

Don’t forget to give your crystals a bit of lunar love this month!

As the Summer Solstice represents transition consider using kyanite, amethyst, or labradorite   in your crystal grids or arrangements this month for transitions, transformation or change.


🪴 Incorporate candles in shades of pink, green or purple to create a lovely crystal arrangement with the addition of the warmth of candlelight.

Adding some roses, hibiscus or violets  to your crystal arrangements will bring another layer of natural energy and to brighten your spirits.

 🪴 We always recommend establishing a Full Moon and/or a New Moon ritual to meditate, reflect, charge your crystals, and make peace with anything heavy on your mind! 

Start anew, rekindle, get busy, and start planning to harness some vitality, motivation, and energy to bring on a positive month!