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Size: Polished Cinnabar
Sale price$ 6.25
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I have a few boxes with some high quality, sometimes hard to find natural pieces that are so nice to add to medicine bags, amulet pouches, crystal grids and other layouts.

I am pleased to offer them here to help you all add to your crystal collections. I don't have stock in these, these are some pieces I picked up along the way and am now ready to find homes for them ūüŹ°¬†
  • Ajoite - 1 available at $8.00
  • Polished Cinnabar (many recommend washing hands after handling cinnabar, even when polished) 2 available at 6.25 each
  • Natural Imperial Topaz¬†- 3 available at 9.00 each
  • Polished Small Tumbled AA Aquamarine - 2 available at 4.00 each
  • Deep Smoky Quartz tumbled pieces - 2 available at 3.00 each

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