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I have been busy mixing my essential oil blends and gem elixirs for the Crystal Essential Sachets and they are amazing.

Each sachet includes a few drops of a Gem Elixir made with distilled or spring water infused with gemstones and crystals, a  special blend of essential oils, corresponding (at least 2, sometimes 3 or more) medium sized tumbled or rough stones, and dried flowers or herbs such as Rose buds from Morocco, Chamomile from Egypt, or Lemongrass, Patchouli Leaves, or Lavender flowers from France.

I also include an info card or info sheet listing ingredients, the intention of the sachet and how to use it.

This collection includes crystals with metaphysical properties to support a woman’s reproductive system and fertility.

  • Jade (green) is included as it assists with fertility & child birth
  • Moonstone is included as it is a “go to” stone for women’s reproductive issues, feminine healing, balancing hormones and cycles.
  • Rose Quartz (pink), not only is this a nurturing and calming stone but I’s credited with increasing fertility
  • Unakite (green mottled) is used in pouches as it can help balance the female reproductive system
  • Rhodonite (opaque pink/black) and Zoisite with Ruby (green/red markings) encourage loving feelings and encourage fertility.
  • Carnelian (orange) aligns Sacra chakra and aids conditions for conception.

The herb pouch contains lavender and rose petals infused with an essential oil blend of rose quartz gem elixir, and essential oils of geranium, ylang ylang and german chamomile.  A velvet pouch is also included.

All my ingredients are organic, using wild-crafted herbs, flowers and oils, and are placed in my copper pyramids to be bathed in moonlight before I send them out.

Sachets come with an optional small curved art glass dish to rest it on, while they are available. The colors of the pouches, the dishes, and the type of dragonfly used will vary.

The resting dish can be also ordered in the drop-down below. I have limited inventory on the dishes and ship either a purple or iridescent color, so if you'd like one made sure to order it early :)    Only one dish may be ordered per sachet, and a sachet must be ordered if you would like to receive a dish :)

The cart is going to calculate the total shipping cost based on the dollar amount, not by weight or insurance costs.  If you are ordering several I will issue a refund or a credit (your choice :) if the cart calculates the shipping too high.

The Travel Protection Sachet can be found here.

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