Hand-Poured Soy Candle in Glass Jar with Gemstones, or Gemstone Sand, and Essential Oil, FB2542

Size: Purification
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These soy candles are poured into a glass jar with a wood lid and a lead free wick, and feature various gemstone pieces and essential oils The ingredients for each blend have been chosen with a specific intent.

  • Prosperity, Citrine and Orange essential oil
  • Protection, Black Tourmaline and Vetiver essential oil
  • Purification, Shungite and Pink Grapefruit essential oil
  • Divine Connection, Rainbow Moonstone and Jasmine essential oil
  • Grounding, Hematite and Sandalwood essential oil
  • Problem Solving, Red Jasper and Amber essential oil
  • Awareness, Lapis and Myrrh essential oil
  • Guidance, Angelite and Frankincense essential oil 
  • Healing, Amethyst and Lavender essential oil
  • Cleansing, Selenite and Sage essential oil
  • Clarity, Clear Quartz and Patchouli essential oil
  • Good Luck, Green Aventurine and Opium essential oil

I also have cases of 6 smaller size candles in each case (without the wood lid) with soy candles using Harmonia gemstone sand to match the intention of the essential oils / fragrances.

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