Labradorite Carved Skull Cabochon, Premium Quality FB1735

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I was so drawn to these detailed  and mesmerizing carved labradorite cabochons! 

Small enough to carry with you in a medicine bag or amulet pouch, they can also be placed in the center of a crystal grid.  I like to carry mine in a small velvet pouch with some black obsidian.

These also are a nice size, with a smoothly flat back, for wire wrapping.

It was virtually impossible to turn the pictured cabochons so they all showed their vibrant flashes of color - but each and every one of the pieces I have display lovely flashes of color as the light reflects off of them to show their inner fire.

You will also receive a crystal description card and a sheer drawstring pouch.

PS: Please do not request a specific piece as once these have been safely been put away in their trays it is very difficult to pull out a specific one from the photos.  These are a random pull and each piece is flashy and carved from premium quality labradorite.

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