Ace of Cups, Amazonite, Moonstone & Celestite

Celestite, Amazonite, Moonstone - Ace of Cups Tarot

I love the Ace of Cups!  Here’s a glance at my tarot journal page for the Ace of Cups.  I pulled this card earlier in the week and I am so pleased!

The Ace of Cups has wonderful associations and brings the message of inner peace and joy, especially from those who are closest to you.  It talks to a fresh start, new beginnings, trusting your intuition and feelings.

My lessons for the week with this card are to:

  • Release any emotional baggage I can and truly live life to the fullest
  • Look to the good and the best in each person
  • Follow and trust my my inner joy
  • Be open to new opportunities

This is a card of possibilities and inner spirituality.  It was a lovely card to pull to start the week!  I have placed a celestite, moonstone and amazonite on my work table as a reminder of this card pull.  The celestite is for spiritual guidance, the moonstone for new beginnings and the amazonite for fresh starts.

Pulling a daily or weekly card is a great way to help you focus on areas for self improvement or reflection.  It’s a lovely practice and can be done with tarot cards, affirmation cards, oracle cards or angel cards.

Combining them with crystals, essential oils and dried herbs or flowers adds a lovely element of nature’s energy to your reflection and I highly recommend it :)  

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