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These fully polished small wands are carved from Star Corundum, which is both Ruby and Sapphire, are part of a collection of crystals that came to me from a very special and gifted couple in New Mexico.  The tip of each one is smoothly polished revealing the gem underneath.

They both have been working with crystals for many years, and both are very attuned to crystals, their vibrations, their properties and their messages for us.

My friends feel each one of these pieces is overflowing with joy, grace and deep power as they are very drawn to this crystals and I also find myself very drawn to them.

Sapphire is said to be helpful in areas of justice, truth, contracts and legal matters. It stimulates the mind and helps one to recognize wisdom, their own and in others. It is also excellent when one needs to clear, focus and calm the mind.

Ruby assists with issues to do with love, and supports states of passion while stimulating loving emotions. It helps you to feel joy at just being alive and also aids with focus and concentration.

These crystals have been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight in a copper pyramid. I have also daubed each piece with Rose Quartz anointing oil before placing them in the pyramid.

Each will come to you with a drawstring pouch and crystal description card. 

Enjoy and many ~Crystal Blessings~

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