Black Tourmaline Rough, large size for grounding and protection

Regular price $ 34.00

These are large pieces of rough black tourmaline - wonderful for keeping around your doorways for protection and transmuting negative energies into positive light.  These are very grounding crystals and a very nice large size.  I keep several pieces in various places throughout my home and smaller pieces near my computers.

Please use the drop-down box below to select the black tourmaline you would like.

  • A - $40 
  • B - unavailable
  • C - $40.00
  • D - $48.00
  • E - $48.00
  • F - $43.00
  • G - unavailable
  • H - $41.00

Some of these pieces are large or bulky, and some are quite heavy.  Some of the pieces may incur an additional, separate shipping charge of 2.00 to 5.00.  You can inquire in advance to find out if shipping to your address will incur any additional fees based on the size, shape or weight of the piece you choose.

Thank you!

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